Dec 112017

Join the LTTA on January 9th for an important discussion about your health.  A Pharmasave pharmacist will be on hand to discuss the dangers of hypertension, treatment options and demonstrate the proper use of a BP monitor. At the end of the session you will have an opportunity to have your blood pressure read.

7 to 8:30 pm in the Party Room. Sponsored by LTTA and Pharmasave.

Sep 282017

Thanks to all of you for attending our meeting last week.

The LTTA Steering Committee has proposed that general meetings be held on a quarterly basis rather than monthly.  The Steering Committee will continue to meet monthly to review ongoing issues and projects.  Please use the contact form to contact the Steering Committee with their concerns and suggestions.  The LTTA invites tenants to join the Steering Committee which welcomes fresh faces and input.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday December 12th.

You can find the detailed minutes here.

Jul 192017

Change in plan! We will be showing Swing Vote with a young Kevin Costner.  Join us for some summer fun with this ‘clever feel good comedy winner. So funny and inspiring you’ll stand up and cheer ‘.

Jul 132017

We have received kitchen bins from the City of Toronto, for you to collect food waste. This is part of our new program to increase organic and garbage recycling in #85 and #95.

Please come to the Management Office during regular office hours, to pick up your bin.

Hurry, because the supply is limited.

We also have Organic Waste collection instructions available in Chinese and Arabic. Just ask for a sheet when you pick up your bin. Information in English has already been distributed in your mailboxes.

Bags to collect recycling waste will be available at a later date. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Thank-you for your co-operation in helping Leaside Towers to

Reduce! Re-use! Recycle!

(A reminder that the two large metal Green Bins to collect your kitchen waste are located behind #85 on the B1 level)

Jun 302017

Aquafit anyone?

LTTA Plus and PPL are hoping to offer a new Aquafit class but we need to know who wants to join us in the pool. The new class would run on Thursdays at 11am.

All adults welcome. Nominal fee for class.

If you are interested, please contact Pat at (647) 352-5304.