Oct 042015

Ros CroucherBehind every good Getaway Club activity was Ros Croucher, who is in our Volunteer Spotlight this month. Ros works tirelessly, while balancing a full time job in educational software, to have our activities communicated to tenants in an attractive and professional way. She is a whiz in organizing our events, keeping track of registrants and other essential details.

Originally, a prairie girl from Saskatchewan, Ros has experienced living across the country as part of an Air Force family. She has made Toronto her home for many years, but will be relocating to Fort Erie at the end of October. She and her husband Kevin have lived at Leaside Towers about 10 years, and will miss it very much in many ways. Most especially the friends they have made here. They and the two lovely Burmese cats who, as Ros says, rule the roost will be adapting to the slower pace of small town living, but will be back now and again to see family and friends – and for fun city events like TIFF!

Ros is a charter member of the Getaway Club, has organized the Book Club and the Walking Club, building on her interests in reading and outdoor activities.

As those activities will now have no organizer, the Getaway Club is eagerly seeking new blood – people with their own ideas of activities they would like to make happen!

Thanks so much Ros & bon voyage!